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5 Simple but Effective DIYs

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

These are some amazing projects which I have seen on Instagram which are quick and easy and make such a HUGE difference visually to your space! So lets go for it!

1) Faux Shiplap!

Lauren from @broadwayhomespace created this fab faux shiplap wall in her study with a level and a Sharpie! It looks so so good right! So simple and so so effective!

2) Colour Blocking!

Who could I call upon but the queen of the colour block; Nadine from @broadleafclose. This trend is so simple and makes such a statement with very little work! Who wants to paint a whole wall when 1/3 of it looks even better right! Here are some amazing examples from her home!

3) Using Vinyl adhesive as a backsplash in the kitchen!

A beautiful example of this is from one of my true design icons Michaela from @mishkashoe not only is this backsplash amazing, she used some terrazzo self adhesive Vinyl from Dunelm but they also do some other amazing styles, faux tiles! Oh wow they're beautiful and amazing for rented homes!

4) Crittall Shower Screen!

The first time I saw this was over on @jessicashomestyle such a fab DIY, takes very little time and makes a bold statement! All for £10! This is one of my favourite DIY's I have done in my own home!

Simply paint using Rust Oleum black paint with primer and then using Vinyl tape to create the crittall effect! Here Jess's and a few others which have done so well at this project! Including @broadleafclose who did this on her shower doors!

5) Add a shelf!

So this is one which has made a huge difference to my bedroom, and also to so many of the space above! Laurens Shiplap, Michaela's kitchen It really does alter the room so much! Oh and fab for a bit of faffing!

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