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Tool Kit for Beginner DIYers

Complete guide for tools to start DIY on your home! Some of the tools I have and use across so many projects!

1) Starter Tool Kit! - £40.99

I found this kit on Amazon, which has a great range of tools from screwdrivers, hammers, pen knife, level, Stanley knife, set square! This has so many great tools to be able to complete so many jobs around the home.

This is an ideal starter electric drill/screwdriver, it is currently on sale for £34.99 which comes with a range of screwdriver and drill bits plus the attachment, battery and charger! Such great value for money!

This is 100% for peace of mind, this will detect metal, wires, studs, joists! Hopefully preventing you from any costly mistakes

These are the hooks which I always use, really simple, hammer in and hang. So simple.

5) Painting Kit! - £15.99

This is a simple set which comes with all you need for most Painting projects around the home! Quick simple and easy! Just add Frog Tape!

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