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About me

Hi I'm Charley, I am a based in Hampshire, UK and have a real passion for interior design and DIY! I have always had a creative flair and this is my way of fulfilling that passion! 

How did I get into DIY?

Well from as early as I can remember I have always been helping out my Dad! He really is the person who taught me a lot about DIY and the skills which I have today! I'd be the one he sent to the garage to pick the correct tool he was after and always so interested to learn what he was doing! My sister on the other hand doesn't know a spanner from a screwdriver! 

Throughout my childhood I loved making things, taking things apart and attempting (sometimes not too well) to put them back together! Who doesn't have that spare screw left at the end of an IKEA flat pack!?

Since buying our 1st home back in May 2020 I have absolutely loved using my skills to turn our home into a calming, relaxing place which really works for us! As well as sharing some other projects along the way, I love to give my friends a hand with their DIY projects too but will bring you all along for the ride!

Enjoy! Charley x

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