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5 DIY Tips for Beginners

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

These are the DIY tips I absolutely swear by, they will really help get started and give you confidence to get going.

1) Measure twice cut once!

So many times I haven't done this or though, "Ahhh I will get away with it", "it wont go wrong!" EVERY SINGLE TIME I have ever done this I have needed to recut! When will I learn!

2) Think out the whole build process start to finish in your head, putting in every screw.. BEFORE you cut anything!

This has caused me to make so many changes to my build process! If it is changing which way round I will screw something, what will be my external showing pieces? It is worth it! Will save you time in the long run! Trust me.

3) If you're stuck ask!

There are so many people I have asked in the past when just stumped on how to get round a sticky situation mid way though a project! If its a friend, family, me over on Instagram! Just ask. They may of done this project before or something similar to be able to bounce Ideas from. Some fab accounts I love that are always so willing to help are: Jasmine from @_ohabode and Liz from @withinthegrove. Oh and of course my Dad! He's fab for tips and Ideas, not sure how he would feel you all ringing him up though!

4) Buy yourself a stud finder - with smart features!

These are £20 from Amazon and will give you so much more confidence when it comes to putting holes in your walls! This one linked detects live wires, metal pipes, studs and deep studs!

5) Think about the spaces in your home flow.

Are you painting one room yellow and another red and you can see both from the door to your home? Think about the flow of rooms, use complimentary colours to give an over arching cohesiveness to your space! Of course the kids are going to want a bright coloured room which doesn't fit your aesthetic! That's why they have doors right?

I have a select set of paint colours I use over and over again in my home and it really does make a difference, they all work together as a colour pallet and also beautiful on their own!

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1 Comment

Apr 08, 2021

What is your select colour palette that you use?

Thank you

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