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Which sandpaper do I choose?

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

This will answer all these questions and give you all the info you will need as a beginner DIYer.

A quick guide to sand paper, the simple things which will help you buy the right stuff for the job!!

1) Sand Paper has a grit number (how coarse it is)

- Low numbers more coarse

- High numbers less coarse

2) Always start with the low numbers and work up to get the smoothest of finishes!

40 - 50 Use this for rough shaping of wood, removing previous finishes

60 - 100 For final shaping and removing of light marks from the wood

120 - 220 These are for the final finishing.

240 - 400 Used between coats of varnishing or spray for a super fine finish

3) Don't worry you don't need to buy every type! For the projects I share I tend to use P40 - P80, P120, P240 (You don't really need to know what the P means but this is how you'll see it in the DIY Shop!)

So there are also different options of sanding tools, do I buy just the sand paper, a sanding block or a electric sander?

The answer is it really depends on the project! But I will share with you the basics for some common projects you may be doing!

Sand Paper - I often just use the sand paper on its own if I need a small area sanding but this isn't ideal and results will be inconsistent If you're sanding a large area!

Hand Sander - These are great for sanding walls, seams etc, just attach your sand paper to the block and off you go!

Sanding Block - Great for smoothing wooden surfaces, such as a book case or if you're having a go at the Lollipop Cabinet!

Mouse Sander - This is what you will see me using fairly often, I use it for a variety of things, upcycling furniture, removal of old paint, getting into tight corners (the best of the electric sanding tools for this! - You can use a whole range of sand paper grits for this a good allrounder for smaller projects!

Belt Sander - If you are trying to remove layers of paint or varnish this is the tool for you! Will make the job way more bearable! - They're not the cheapest so if it is only for 1 or 2 projects look at renting!

That's it a 2 minute read and you're a sand paper pro!

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